What We Do


At Texas Laser Clinic, we like to offer our new services with our state-of-the-art laser systems for all your hair removal, skin rejuvenation, acne, superficial fine line and wrinkle removal, sun spot treatment, uneven skin tone correction, stretch mark reduction, scars treatment, skin dehydration prevention, and expert tips on how to stay youthful.

All the Dermafrac treatments include

Crystal free Microdermabrasion
DermaFrac™ micro channeling
LED light therapy

Frequently Asked Questions about DermaFrac:

Can it help get rid of stretch marks?

The consensus is that the newer the stretch mark, the better the response seems to be. In most cases, improvement is seen to some degree. A consultation would be recommended in order to better assess the degree of improvement that might be gained.

Does it help acne?

Yes. DermaFrac has been found to be very effective for both active and cystic acne. DermaFrac™ is even appropriate for treating teenage acne.

Will I need time to recuperate?

Does it get rid of sun spots or skin discoloration?

Yes, It can be very effective in removing unwanted pigmentation, sun damage and uneven skin color and tone. In some cases, the Medical Aesthetician may recommend a product to enhance the results. Sun protection is essential however when treating skin discoloration disorders. A sun block will be required.

Does it remove scars?

Scars may respond very well to DermaFrac™ and are based on several factors such as the age of the scar, depth of the scar tissue, individual skin types, location, and the care given to the area between treatments.

Is DermaFrac™ safe?

Yes, DermaFrac is safe. This is a shallow depth treatment and is safe and effective for many skin types and conditions.

Does it work on wrinkles?

Superficial facial fine lines and wrinkles respond well to DermaFrac™. Deep wrinkles or dynamic lines may be softened somewhat, but cannot be completely resolved