Define Dermafrac™?

DermaFrac™ is a exclusivebrand-new micro-needling methodwhichdeliversaccurately calibrated micro-channels into your skin whilst at the same time injecting active topical agents. The sterileneedle’s depth is intended to generate micro-channels whichpierce just under the skin’s outer layers yet just over the nerve endings and capillaries.

The outcome is a skin rejuvenatingprocess without any bleeding and usually not any pain whilstfacilitating an enhanced injection oftopically employed agents. A little transitory redness mighthappen and thatrelatesto the treatment’s intensity, but usually DermaFrac does not cause a need for time off.


Will I require time off for recuperation?

No. You mightgo back to your usual activities without delayafter a procedure. You mighthave a little pink or somewhat red spots, which ought to fade rapidly. The amount of redness experienced is going to be directly linked to the intensity of the stimulation throughout the process.

Number of sessionsrequired?

This fluctuatesdependent on the skin’s condition where you have treatment along with the severity, neverthelesscharacteristically four to six sessions are directed and typically they occur at around 2-week timeframes, though, a treatment schedule will be custom-made to your specificlifestyle and skin condition as well as your budget during the initial consultation.

Does it eliminate scars?

Scars may well respond extremely well to getting DermaFrac™ and they are centered on numerous factors like the scar’s age, scar tissue depth, individual’s skin type, plus the site, and care provided to the section in between sessions.

Will it help get rid of acne?

Yes. DermaFrac™ has been shown to be extremely effective in use for cystic as well as active acne. It’s even suitable for the treatment of teenage acne.

Will it assist in getting rid of my stretch marks?

If the  stretch mark is new, it works better. Generally, you will see at least some improvement. We recommend getting a consultation to better evaluate the level of improvement you may get.

Will it dispose ofskin discolorationor sunspots?

Yes, It’sextremely effective for getting rid of unwanted pigmentation, damage from the sun, and uneven skin tone and color. At times, the Medical Aesthetician mightadvise you using some other product to improveyour outcome. Protection from the sun is vital however whenever treating any skin discoloration disorder. You will need to get some sunblock.