Pre & Post-care Tips


Get ready for your sessions via completing the following steps prior to your appointment:

  • Stay away from exposure to the sun for 14 days prior to the session.
  • Stay away from tweezing, waxing, bleaching, Nair or electrolysis for six weeks prior to a session.
  • Don’t use a tanning bed (any tanning cream or bronzers have to be totally exfoliated off your skin)
  • Don’t take any photo-sensitive drugs in the two week timeframe before a session, such as anesthesia or antibiotics. Doctors can’t treat anyone for a minimum timeframe of two weeks after they took their last dose of this kind of drug.
  • Be certain you shave the sections that are facing treatment or you’ll be charged a shaving fee of $20.


Attain the most from your sessions via completing the following tips.

  • Directly after a session, you may have erythema (redness) as well as edema (swelling) where the treatment took place. That may last several hours , but it will go away.
  • Don’t undergo any other type of heat treatment like a sauna, going into a steam room or Jacuzzi, or any sort of hard work for at least two days after a session.
  • Avoid any exposure to the sun for 14 days after a session so as to prevent hypo-pigmentation or hyper-pigmentation, and you should use at least a sunscreen with SPF 30 on all the places you had treatment done.
  • Don’t scratch or pick at the places that were treated.
  • Exfoliate the places which were treated seven days after a session.